Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Quick But Meaningful Post...

I have to put some yawning kids to bed in a few minutes.. But I wanted to take a minute to remember people who have touched me in one way or another through our adoption journeys. Do you all know that I have chldren? Sometimes I just smile and thank God over and over again for my children. Anyway, there is one person that has worked the hardest, more then anyone else I know! She is the person in our children's country that worked so hard to everything done to adopt our children. We love her very much...and I can't go on because I can't get emotional! :)

There are people that I have developed friendships with that have also adopted from the same country.. Special people indeed!! They are people that I continue to pray for!! It just seems like family.

Some other people that have touched me may never know. I read blogs..LOVE to read them!! LOVE to see other families come together!! I love to pray for them..and see how God works in their lives! It's AWESOME!!

Today I was blessed by a woman I just met through my computer screen. She sent me a picture of our precious little son! I will blog more about that later...she is there on a mission, along with another mom. Gotta go..typed fast didn't check sp errors. THANK YOU for all who have touched me and I pray God will touch you too!!!

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