Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I posted about Chrissie a few days ago. Below are prayer requests directly from her mom's blog. Please pray..stop and pray over the list!
Here is the list...

1)That Chrissie would stop bleeding internally, but not clot so much that it clogs the ECMO or drainage tubes...a delicate balance to achieve.

2)That Chrissie's heart would be strong and "perfect". That it would beat and pump properly, that blood would flow through it properly, that it would do the proper exchange of blood from left to right without improper exchange of red/blue blood, that it would push the correct blood out of the new pulmonary artery and out through the new valves and into the lungs. Basically that Chrissie's broken heart would be completely, wholly, and miraculously healed, every nook and cranny, every chamber, every function, inside and out.

3)That Chrissie's entire pulmonary system would be completely restored to perfection. That all of her arteries, veins, and vessels would be able to handle the new pressures of blood running through them, and that they'd be able to get the blood delivered to the lungs properly.

4)That Chrissie's lungs would accept the blood being delivered by Chrissie's heart and pulmonary system. That her lungs would clear and inflate. (Right now she still has areas that are collapsed within her lungs, and one of those collapsed areas is at the top of one of her lungs, where blood needs to enter the lung, making it really difficult for blood to enter a collapsed cavity.)
Lungs are a huge prayer request because if her heart is able to function properly on its own, the lungs HAVE to clear up and function properly as well. Lungs are not clear right now.

5)That Chrissie's entire pulmonary system would function beautifully, miraculously, and perfectly. That Chrissie's blood would be properly treated by her own pulmonary system. That the carbon dioxide gasses would be removed as they should and that her blood would be properly oxygenated by her own pulmonary system, as God intended it, all at the proper life-sustaining and vital levels.

6)That Chrissie would be able to get off the ECMO machine and LIVE!!

If you want to follow along with her story her mom's blog is Remember to please pray for the whole family!

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