Tuesday, April 20, 2010


That is one of the sweetest names I know! There is one woman who helped me get that name. Of course we give God all the glory..but here on earth the she was the one who helped us get our paperwork for our dossier together and answer MANY questions. I made reference to her in an earlier post about people I wanted to thank..

But this post is going to be all about her! When we were in the process of adopting our daughter, there were many details that needed to be worked out. She stayed on top of and worked them to the very last one! When we were in country, she walked us through what was going to happen and when things were going to happen. (to the best of her ability..as adoptions are not always without issues) For us, not only being our first adoption we also were first time parents!! She was there through it all!

Our second adoption was no different..with details needing to be worked out and such. It was a little less stressful only because we had done it before...but still so VERY thankful for her help and guidance!!

While we are working on our next adoption..she is there again!! Less issues..(just waiting for funds), but still the same support from her. Which is great!!

Now while I have mentioned her support and dedication, I have not shared with you that she does all of these things out of the kindness, and love of her heart. She works to find her special children their forever families because she cares about the children. The country is also wonderful as they do not require a long process or huge dossier to adopt. Which helps kids get their families faster. She is a great woman who works long hours and many days for all the adoptive parents!

Personally, I wish I could give her the moon!!! She would not take it, as she does not want anything for helping these children! THANK YOU for everything J!! You mean the world to us!!

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