Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Pics...

The kids posing for a picture during the Easter egg hunt.
Jovan collecting his eggs. Mittens are to protect his hands..not for the weather. It was a beautiful day out, just perfect!
Kristina picking up her eggs..we had designer bags not baskets! :) We love Target!
My smiling little gift from God! She was so excited for Easter..and being thankful for Jesus. She does not quite get the whole concept but pretty close. Jesus died for our sins..God gave his only son! For us!
A kinda silly picture of us for Easter 2010. Hope you had a great one! We sure did!!!


*Always Waiting* said...

You have beautiful children!

Stephanie said...

They are beautiful Tammy! Kristina is getting so big. I love it as she is just thriving. Jovan just has a brightness about him now. Very peaceful look..you know, like he's at home. Enjoy these years Tammy as I'm sure you will. We may take Bojan back w/ us this time to stop by Serbia on our way to Bulgaria. Thanks for sharing Easter pics.

JoEllen said...

What a great Easter you had! Just think, you'll have one more at home for Easter! I know we're looking forward to next Easter :) Thanks for sharing your holiday! God Bless your family!