Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thoughts of my son...

This morning when Jovan got out of bed his mind was already moving and thinking!!! He showed me his shorter really non-functioning leg and basically said it was going to grow like his other one. I told him that leg would always be smaller and that is why he was getting a wheelchair to get around with. Jovan was born with Sacral Agenesis. That means absence of his sacral..which is part of your back and spine. That's just the lump definition I have.

There are different degrees of Sacral Agenesis..Jovan does have two legs..very little legs. One he uses with his arms to get around..he is hunched over . The other leg he uses as a balance because his rear end is pretty flat. He will uses a wheelchair as his mobility to get places. He has never talked about his body before today.. I hope and pray that God will help me with the correct words to say to him. Like I tell him he has had seven birthdays..but he is VERY small for his age. It's hard to explain that God made everybody different and someone very special to God.

That is my sweet son and the thoughts he had...last night was about getting money to bring home his new brother. This morning he said he wasn't going to school..he had to get money for his brother. :) So cute!!! He went to school because he loves to go. Also he told me that Kristina would have to go to school!! :) He is kinda bossy!! :)

Better go and get some things done before I run around doing errands around town!!

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