Thursday, May 27, 2010


The month of May is almost done.. Where did it go? At the beginning of the month was our daughter's 7th birthday! We had just a family celebration.. She doesn't really know of any other kind of b-day party. It's always the same family members. I figure that once she knows about a friend party..then it will be a different story! :)

My daughter ready to blow out her candles! Love cupcakes! What designs they can do is awesome!!!

Before the festivities!!! Sloppy joes and baked beans, my daughter's request! I made a few salads and that was lunch! ;) I re-used some decorations and for color on the table I used pastel m&m's. Turned out really cute! She got some really nice gifts.. Not all toys which is awesome!!!

Next in the month comes our wedding anniversary. This year was twenty. We had planned on a party with re-newing of our vows..but getting our son far out weighs our party!!! A few days after our anniversary my sister watched the kids..we went into town and got hamburgers off the dollar menu! :) We brought our own drinks! It was a blast! Talking and just having a great time!

The rest of the month has been dealing with getting summer school in order and Jovan's wheelchair. His wheelchair was held up due to the physician's office holding up the forms!!!!! Oh, I was NOT NOT NOT happy!!!!!! I will be dealing with them after the Memorial day weekend!! I guess this mommy is still very upset!!!!!! So many exclamation marks!! No one messes with my baby and doesn't know about it! I will stop talking about it now... I just found out today about the forms.

Today my sister and I finished planting the garden...(my brother and law helped too) YEA!!! We planted at my parent's house as they have had one for years and we just made it bigger for the three families!! If I can survive the mosquito bites and itch weed, it was be awesome!!!!!

Now, I must care for the bites!! Itching like crazy!!!!!! (And YES, I did use bug spray!!!) :)

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