Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hair and Feet...

Well it is an interesting post title, but that is the big thing in our house right now. First the feet.. My son Jovan has feet that are not the same size. He also has a club foot, so shoes are an interesting journey to go on. When we were in country I got several pairs of shoes..for one they are SO cute!! And the other is because they had higher tops then those in the states and they fit his little club foot so much better.

Anyway, I went to go put on a pair of his new shoes and they didn't fit!! Not at all! So his foot grew a whole size in eight months. We have gotten him play shoes here..not the greatest fit..but he works with them. He is growing!! I do not know his height..I will do that today.

Now on to a more painful (and vanity) issue. Yesterday morning I was putting a pony tail in Kristina's hair only to discover that she had cut a two and a half inch section by three to four inch section of hair right by her ear!!!!! Oh, I was not happy. We have been growing it out since she had been home. Uffda!! I did kinda cover it up this morning, but I have no idea what to do..I know, cut it...but oh my! Okay I know that vanity is not a good thing..and I am getting over it. So stayed tuned for a new hair style on my daughter in the upcoming days.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever you do with her hair will be just fine, and it will grow. :)