Monday, May 24, 2010


Today my heart was heavy and tears did flow for Chrissie's family! They had her Celebration of Life yesterday. It was beautiful! (We watched it live yesterday) My whole family children asked lots of questions. My daughter has already been to a funeral..and she tried to explain to Jovan what it was about. It was so touching!! I look at my children and I am so thankful to God for blessing me with them for as long as it is God's will!

My son got out of bed this morning insisting we go get his brother. Like the first things out of his mouth..go bring him to America! I told Jovan that we need to have money to go and get him. Jovan told me he has money in his piggy bank. Kristina says she has money in her piggy bank too. And they both insisted that we go. Mommy and daddy bring him to America. We do not really talk about our son to come..sometimes my heart just breaks!!

All in God's timing..I have been praying for direction about raising funds, and I am not getting anywhere.. God is in control of this adoption and of our lives..our time is not his time I know. My plans may be what God has in the fall when the kids go back to school. Then my mom and sister do not have to alter their work hours..and still care for my kids, grandmother, and our dogs. I am excited to see when God's plan takes place... He, my heavenly father knows best!! I need to do my part..take action and live the way God commands me to live!

I will post more later as it is very hum ind..not good for Kristina to be out, so we are having a relaxing day inside with exciting crafts and play-doh to play with. :) Mommy will have time to post between loads of laundry. Supper is planned and takes little time to make! :)

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