Friday, October 2, 2009

What day is it?...

I have NO idea what day it is. Time is flying..But I do know that tomorrow I will have our son ALL day. We are excited! Did I say that I got an awesome stroller? I think I did..That means we can stroll the town. YIPEE!!!

Tonight we are just hanging out. We may go out and get some dishwasher soap and paper towels. Oh, and Coke. Two years ago, they had Coke they consider Coke Zero as Diet Coke. So, if anybody is coming that drinks DC as we call it..better try Zero or Orange. :)

We went to an open market..bought Dan a "man purse" and an adapter. It was fun because we took side streets that we have never taken, and we made it back. My computer is acting horribly..up/down. Maybe it is tired?

Tonight for supper I made a Ukrainian meatloaf patty with mashed potatoes and green beans. It was great to have a homemade meal. I don't consider spaghetti a homemade meal..cuz I didn't make the sauce. The meal was pretty good but needed pepper and ketchup. Can't wait to cook for my little boy!!!

Right now I can't post pictures..but as soon as I can figure out my computer. I have many more to take!! :)

This morning when we went to see Jovan, it was a peaceful day. Everyday, it seems that he gets more calm.. He plays games with us a little quieter..hope for the long plane ride! :) It will be so nice when he has his room and his own toys to play in.

While Dan was playing with Jovan, I was praying for the children and praising God! He has them in his hands!! He created each one of them and their cute little faces!! He knows their future..He knows EVERYTHING about them. So praise God that he has them in His hands!

Will post pictures..

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