Thursday, December 24, 2009

Many Things...

I can't believe how much time has gone by since I last posted!! Actually everyday I post..only it's in my head. So really, I blog a lot!! :)

Let me start by saying the other day my kids came home from school so happy telling my about school, then of course they went out to play in the snow! I was going through their paperwork and just started to cry!! So many emotions! I was a mom! (I still get emotional about that) My kids were in school learning and enjoying it!! My kids have parents and so many aunts and uncles..cousins..grandparents...and a great grandmother!!!

This last week has been mostly of going to school...and playing in the snow. Kristina and I had a mommy daughter day last week when I took her to her CF doctor apt. It was mid morning and it takes about an I figured she would just be off. Jovan was in school, grandma was taking care of great off we went. Had a good day! Oh, and we even SURPRISED daddy at work. He didn't have any idea we were coming! :) It was so great! Normally I have a hard time keeping a secret from him..when he benefits from it!

Jovan is talking more, and we are trying to get him to use the potty..don't know if he will physically be able to be independent with that..but at least he is trying and it is just a "normal" thing for people to do. And I know he is happy to do what every else does!

Because my grandmother is ill and the SNOW we have/are getting we canceled our Ukrainian Christmas Eve dinner. It has been that way my whole life..but some of the traditions between my grandmother and my children are very similar. We watched a movie an old fashioned Ukrainian way back when she little. The kids loved it!!

Well, many things to do before tomorrow...

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