Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Boy...

Yes, it is a boy. For us... He is where we just were, picking up our son. And he has been waiting a long time for a forever family. His birthday was a few months ago and he turned six. What a big boy! Fits right in with the other kids in our family.

You see we have met and visited with him several times before. We have seen him change over two and a half years. Growing and changing..and in need of parents and family! He is full of energy, brightness, laughter, and fun! Someone who is not afraid to reach out to people..some people have seen that! :)

It was a little bit of a surprise...we were not sure if it would approved for us to go back. It was approved and we found out on Christmas morning! What a wonderful present!!! A son. Later that day when everyone was here..tears came to my eyes. It felt like he was he has been here and then not. Crazy sounding I know! My heart is so free, so at peace!

We prayed and prayed HARD for God to do His will and let it be done. So right now we are headed back to get our son.

Money is what is standing in our way..we need to raise it. And we would like to do it fast. But of course we know God and we trust in His timing. We are going to do some stay tuned. We have committed to this little boy to make him our son...


Valerie said...

Congratulations on your third butterfly!!! We have been praying that his family would find him for so long so your family is such an amazing answer to prayer! I was also excited to find your blog and see that you adopted Jovan as well. I remember seeing him on a photolisting not so long ago and he reminded me SO much of my sweet Joshua (adopted from Uzebkistan in 2007). Joshua is missing both femurs as well as his left fibula. He is one of the most incredible kids I have ever met!

Congratulations again! Praying for a very quick, smooth process!


Thank you so much Tammy and Dan and family !!!

We are so excited for you all to bring Srecko home.. Bless you

Love ~ The Campbell Family~

Michelle said...

Hello, my name is Michelle and we brought our daughter Mary (Darina from reeces rainbow) home on Christmas Day 08, from Ukraine. She has cerebral palsy ("mild") and is a wonder and a joy. I have been drawn to several children on RR, to pray for them and Srecko has been one of those. We are thrilled for you, for him, and are certain God will provide the needed funds. We intend to help as we can. Happy New Year!

Stephanie said...

I am SO happy!!! I just got back from our trip and read this. Elated for you all. Love all the butterflies gathering. Your family is growing in size and love. Wish you all the best Tammy.