Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hard to do...

How come it is hard for some people to ask for help? This little chicky HATES it!!! Don't ask me I am going to cut to the chase, as I have written this paragraph over and over several times!!

We need financial help bringing home our third butterfly. I am not sure how we are going to raise funds..but God will provide the funds. It is hard for me.. This was not the case for the other I kinda feel helpless. This is about answering God's call to bring home another butterfly created by Him! A perfect butterfly waiting to get his wings to fly home!

Pray about it..maybe God wants you to give financially? Maybe praying is all that God wants you to do? (That one is HUGE in my book!!!!) And we are grateful to whatever people can do! Or ideas? We have a video camera that we will be taking donations to be able to gift it to you. That will be a little later..I am NOT so blog literate. :)

I did add a Chip-in... Took a few times but it is done. :) Thank you for praying for us!

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