Thursday, January 14, 2010

Did you get them?...

All of the posts I did in my head? My gosh there were days and days that were done! :) In my mind is not connected to my computer! And if it was you all would still be reading and not quite caught up on all the reading!

First of all Happy New Year to all of you reading this in the states and also today is the New Year for the people living where my children are coming and came from. My wish is for a happy and blessed year!

Now, let's see...ALL of last week was SO BUSY!! I do believe it was the busiest week of my life!! Monday Jovan had two doctor appointments. One for a pre-op, the other was a general surgery doc to review him. Tuesday was school. apt for Jovan, this one for seeing if we could determine info about his stature. Thursday was school and the meeting proceeding Kristina's IEP meeting. Now the meeting had nine other people then me. Eight of which told me all the things that Kristina couldn't do. My heart was ripped out of my chest. All I could think of was my daughter, the little girl I love tries so hard to "get it" and wants to be like every other typical child. She knows that she is a little different..I can see that it bugs her! So, it was just so heart wrenching to hear it out loud from strangers! Perhaps I am a bit sensitive? You bet! I know that..but that is MY baby!! Born from my heart!! Anyway, after many many tears I was okay and ready to move forward! UFFDA

Several nights my sleeping did not go according to plan. I tossed and turned a lot and prayed even more! Friday Jovan was scheduled for surgery. My insides were queasy and I felt ill and nervous! So much so that I wanted to call the whole thing off. Now, of course I trusted God..and gave him up to God, or back to God. My thought was my little boy, the pain, the fear..all of those things. Guess I really didn't let it all go to God. Once we got there it was much better though. Jovan was freakin out! He started crying as soon as we went in the door, we had never been there before. Dan and I were calm until the registration gal asked us for our inpatient hospital co-pay. I then said he is NOT being admitted!! And she said that is what she had down. I said no way and was then told to talk to the nurse. When we told him what the doctor told me, he just said he had a bed ready for him. I said NO WAY! And then we left it at me speaking with the doctor. And of course she said NO WAY as well! She asked us if we understood that if something happened then we would be looking at staying. We said of course!

We waited all day for him! Dan carried him in for the "sleeping" medicine. I am glad that Jovan and I studied a Curious George book about him going to the hospital. We looked at that book for over a week! Talking about it..studying it very carefully. So at the beginning I had George to refer to. Okay, we waited ALL day. I thought I would be so productive and all I wanted to do was sleep! So I rested some and prayed lots. Dan and I talked..then the surgeons came out. One, then the other. Everything was good..for the most part. Let's just say Jovan was made with special insides and leave it at that. He then had an MRI since he was sedated and that was the only way they could do it because he would be moving otherwise.

Saturday was a rest and take care of the kids day. Kristina was at my sister's house Thursday night and all day Friday. It was good to have her home! Jovan was in pain and so sleepy. I cried off and on wondering if it was truly the right thing to do. I know that it was too late for that, but let me tell you that I will be thinking hard the next time he needs something done. Don't get me wrong..he needed those things done.. So we are glad that phase is done.

Sunday we were not sure if we were going to make it to church. Jovan was doing much better, and he said he wanted to go to church. Yes, using English and a sentence. So we got ready and went. He was happy and so were we. We played around after nap time..and just kinda hung out. Of course pizza for supper!

Monday was school and a blood draw for both kids. Oh my, did Jovan scream!!! Kristina just cried..and I cried! So emotional I am!! Then we got something to drink and headed home for a movie. Tuesday was a clean the house, take down the tree day. We usually leave it up till after the Orthodox New Year..this year we were early. Oh, how the kids did chores. I even taught Jovan to dust using a Swiffer. So we surprised daddy with the tree being gone! (He was NOT happy I did it by myself.) The tree went willingly even though it was almost ten feet tall. And I did not get a drop of water anywhere but outside!!

Wednesday was school and Kristina's IEP meeting. That went well. So, we have that in place now. Today is a mommy school day with a LONG recess outside! :) The kids had a blast! Came in dry, but there snow gear was soaked! Had lunch and are now down for a little snooze. Kristina was asleep before Jovan got off the potty! :) After nap is more mommy school and helping mommy put toys away in the play area.

Friday is a doctor appointment for Kristina. A check up. Jovan will be in school. This weekend we are going to try to hang out with my parents. Do something fun! Hope that it works out..maybe the Mall of America? Who knows..

So, that my friends is all that you basically have missed. We are continuing to try and raise funds for our third butterfly that is waiting to join this family of busyness...


Zactly said...

You have had a busy week. Glad Jovan's surgery went well. I'm sure the IEP meeting was so hard. Hugs to you. Now they can help her improve in those areas. You have 2 ,soon to be 3, wonderful children. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

just curious why srecko is still listed on rr and why he isn't listed on new commitments with you all? :) just curious