Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Confession and Excitement...

Okay first the confession...um, early early yesterday morning I was so excited to (yes, there is a confession coming first..just wait) be a mom that I missed my kids and wanted to wake them up. So, my confession is that I wanted to be selfish..and disturb my children because I (it was all about me) wanted them. Now granted I did contain myself..and let them sleep! :) But, when they got up I was thrilled to death!! And so much happier then if I would have woken them up!! :) My children were home the day before and asleep in their own beds!! I must be crazy!!! God is so good to me!! I am a mom!! Something I have wanted to be since I was FIVE!!! I watched my mom take care of us and my dad, and I wanted to be just like her!!

Now for the excitement part!! I get to be a mom again!! An unexpected blessing from God!! And we are getting our stuff in order..I am arranging a fund raising dinner at church. Getting things together to have give aways to raise money. So we are working towards moving things along..And it is exciting!!!

The kids are home for the fourth day in a row. I am thrilled to death..but I am also excited that when it warms up they can go outside! :) hee hee They have LOTS of energy!! And they LOVE LOVE going outside to play!!!

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