Monday, January 25, 2010


Reality is a good thing..face it everyday head on! Right in your face... Well, sometimes I think I stick my head in the sand. No, I do! To me my kids are PERFECT!!! In every way. But not everyone feels that way. Not everyone is comfortable with the way Jovan can see it in their faces. The adults turn and stare..why? Because he is considered a child with "special needs". He can't reach things very well..okay. Oh, he needs help with his bathroom needs..okay. He doesn't always walk "standing" up..okay. THAT'S OKAY!!! My son tries just as hard if not harder then every other kid! He fights to be a typical kid.. THAT'S OKAY!!!

My reality when it comes to my son.....well, I fight for him too!! In school I try to make sure that he is putting in and getting out what he needs. (he is still learning English and letters..etc) At home he is expected to keep his room clean, help out where he can..collect garbage in his and his sister's room. Dust, fold laundry(learning that), put clothes away, hold dust pan for the sweeper, there is more..but you get the idea. Sound tough and unrealistic? Not to me. We are a family and we ALL do our part for each other in our home!! He enjoys helping..he enjoys a challenge..I don't expect perfection..but contribution, YES!

That little boy is my son and I hope and pray that God will lead me and teach me and help me with Jovan's upbringing and teaching. (And of course my hubby as well!) I want Jovan to know about God and have a personal relationship with him..that is the most important lesson I must teach!! And that lesson is taught everyday!! Thank you God for my son!!

Now, when you look at my little girl you see a beautiful "normal" looking child. You don't see her lungs fighting to pump oxygen through her body to help her live every second of her life. You might not ever see her take pills before she eats..or do her CF treatments EVERY day without fail! She is also considered "special needs". Okay.. She does all of that to live..everyday all day long!! That is her life!

The other part of our wonderful girl that we are learning about is, that she has a beautiful mind. A mind that works in a special way. She is the most helpful loving sweet girl I know. She knows many, many things. Her mind has trouble with some concepts..we are now (and have been) working on boosting that up. We have mommy school..and gym activities, and bunch's of other things. I also expect her to contribute to our home!! betcha!! But, with my kids they really enjoy helping mommy and daddy! My daughter is the best! I am so thankful to God for my wonderful daughter!! I love her to pieces!!!

Bottom kids have special needs, but they are the most PERFECT kids that God blessed me with. We strive to be there to help them at every turn of life!! That is my take on reality.. Perfection!!!!! Given to me by my heavenly father! Thank you God!!!

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