Sunday, January 3, 2010


We had a really nice Sunday after church. Dan and I watched the Vikings game and only used the last quarter for a nap. :) Then...

We baked little wienies!! Or little red Dachshunds!! Calvin Micheal plopped himself right in front of the heat register! Face first!! It was so cute!! He LOVES to bake! Where ever there is heat! Sun, heat..doesn't matter to him!! Then..

We bothered my grandmother who was laying down!!! It was a blast! First I crawled into bed with the dogs and laid there talking to her..all the while she was telling me to get out and take the dogs with me. She was trying to push me..using just my arm... Pretty strong for an almost 91 year old! :) So then the kids came in because she and I were laughing so loud. Then they got on the bed too! What a hoot!!! She was laughing and giggling and using Ukrainian words to tell us to leave..part English and part Ukrainian!! :) Love her to pieces! So do the kids!!

Well, now Kristina is doing her CF treatments and we had the TV to The Learning Channel. Well, Jovan sat down and started to watch it..I wasn't really paying attention and changed the channel to something else and Jovan said "hey!!" And something else I couldn't understand..when I changed it back he said "thank you mommy". Okay it's alright for him..he has watched it intently for 34 minutes!

Better go..have a few things to get ready for Monday. And I am going to try to post one more time today! :)

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