Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Two days ago was our daughter's birthday. She is now six years old. What a change in the almost two years we have had her.. We watched a little video of her with her birth mom. All day I thought about her mother..does she have pain that she released Kristina to us? If she does has it gone away some from when she let her go. I am hoping that she is relieved that her daughter will live a healthy life.

Then I thought about Jovan's mom..lots of thoughts went through my mind..I will not share those..it pains me deeply! My son has a mother..who gave him life, carried her in her tummy. I tell Krisitna that she had a mommy that carried her in her tummy, cause mommy's was broken. God brought her to me..she knows this.

Anyway, we had a nice birthday party for her with family. Next year we will have a party with friends as well. I tried to take pictures..she was kinda in a sourish mood.. She has her permanent teeth coming in behind her baby teeth. One on top, and one on the bottom. She will maybe have to get some pulled.

Now for pictures...
She is such a cutie pie!! Love her to pieces!!


Is our nineteenth wedding anniversary. At 2:18pm we were pronounced husband and wife. Looking at the clock..it's right now! Not the wedding I had envisioned growing up. But bottom line..I got my husband. Some memories actually bring pain..but that is a whole different story. And let's just say my welcome into my hubby's family was NOT a positive one. I have given it up, but sometimes it still makes me mad!! Boy, I must be a tad on the crabby side. It's been one of those days.. UGH!!

Okay, enough of that! Dan and I are going out to the restaurant that we had our rehearsal dinner. It's just in town..been around forever. Memories! My sister is watching Kristina while we go out. I have to find my pep to get ready for my "date"! One of my favorite pictures of us!! Love that man!! Gotta go look for something to wear! :)


Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Awe!!! Very sweet and a big Happy Birthday to Kristina and a Happy Anniversary to you two. That is a very nice pic of Kristina and you two as well. Many more and God bless....Trish


Love the pictures!!!
Happy Birthday Kristina and Happy Anniversary to you two!!!

Hope the day went great..