Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally..and Busy...

Finally a post, and it was because we were busy! :) Who knew a family with one child could be so busy. We have had a deck built..a gift from my mom and dad. And for Kristina's dad (who spoils her to death) gave her one of those wood tower/slide play areas. We have a friend who built the deck and assembled the wood thingy.

Right now I am getting a check up from Kristina..I have to breathe and cough..just like at her ALL day appointment yesterday. Hopefully I will be okay... :) I am. Kristina had her annual CF clinic visit. She is a little under weather..but they are very happy with her weight. Sometimes kids with CF have a hard time gaining weight.

I can't even remember what else has been going grandmother getting sick..

Adding pictures..

Her initials in the deck cement.. Working on the deck...

Her slide/play set... The deck with patio set I got on my 33rd bday

Daddy/Kristina Mommy/Krsitna

That's about it for now...Need to get making supper..oh, and making sure I have everything needed before I mail our dossier on Monday!! YEAY!! Our little boy should be ready for international adoption in a week!! In seven days it will be two years since meeting him!! little boy! :)

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I love the pictures!!!
What a nice deck and a wonderful play set for the children..

Sounds like good news for you all and your new son!!!