Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Head spinning...

Why does it seem that sometimes it feels as though your head is spinning around on your neck? Let me just say, oh my goodness!! So many things have happened in the last week! And I have tried to blog a couple of times..but I think I have a fussy computer and it deletes them as I am in the middle of typing. UGH!!

I will hit the highlights..last week Kristina missed a day of school because she was sick. I am convinced that it was a reaction to her vaccines she got. The flu and the H1N1 were the ones she got. Her CF nurse was adamant about the fact she couldn't have a reaction to a dead virus. I don't believe her! Kristina ALWAYS gets an upper respiratory ick after getting the vaccines. This has happened since she came to the US. Just a coincidence? NOT!! But I will move on..more on that later!

Can I just say I have the CUTEST little boy in the world!! He is laying on the floor watching tv while my most beautiful daughter is finishing her treatments. By the way she counted to fourteen this morning..YEAH!! Numbers and colors are tough for her.

Okay, what else..we got a ton of appointments lined up for Jovan. He HATES doctors...even if it is someone elses turn! He cries..can't imagine what he will be like in the next few weeks..bribes, comfort toys?

On Saturday I helped my dad (and mom..she was so nervous) clean pine needles from the corners in their roof. My dad climbed the ladder...that was scary for me too!! But he did it..and then he was telling me that the ladder was too heavy for me..I said NO and showed him that I could maneuver a twenty-four foot extension ladder..no biggy. Then I told him to try something else to get the needles down. I was very firm..it was kinda weird..it was almost like the roles were reversing. Not being disrespectful..but just like "hey dad I am not a kid anymore"!! Made my head spin at the fact my parents are getting older and they will need SO much help in a few years..getting old is tough!

Sunday our son got dedicated. Our pastor asked us to say something when we got up there. He asked during the singing. Oh, I prayed for God to put words in my mouth..there were so many God moments that I could have said...and I didn't know how long to talk. Anyway, giving ALL the glory to God..he was dedicated. It was really nice because after the service a lot of people came up to us and said we have a wonderful family and God is GOOD!! We do not have any SN kids in church, that I know of anyway. I can not wait for him to be able to tell his story! It was an awesome thing for him to be dedicated on Orphan Sunday. My son is no longer an orphan! Praise God!!!

Sorry, had to take time to feed the kidS and take the dogs potty. They are having a little free time..then it is time for mommy school.

We had a really lazy Sunday..it was nice! Kristina took a nap that she needed desperately!!! Then about 3:30pm she started to cough..and then cough..okay so we did her treatments a little early..she did NOT stop coughing..and could not catch her breath..Dan was taking care of her as I had Jovan and my grandmother..to try to keep them calm and like no big deal. About the time she couldn't catch her breath..I called the on call doctor at her CF clinic. Just so you know this all came on all of a sudden..like with in FIVE minutes or so. The doctor called back right away..mean time she had thrown up all the drainage...just mucus. So she was throwing up again and again the doctor told us what to do..and we did it then she started to calm down..she didn't throw up as much or cough.. While I was talking to the doctor Dan told me that he wanted to call 911. He really never over-reacts..so him wating to call 911 was serious. But, during the whole ordeal I was begging God to help her..and take care of her!!!! The whole episode was from 3:30 until about 7:30....She then wanted to eat..her request was pizza. She ate and went to bed.. Dan and I went limp after that. UFFDA!!

So, now how do we do this...I called the clinic and let them know..but I think we know what to do and see the "warning" signs early..then we should be good to go. But, it is in the back of my mind..is it going to happen again..will it be worse? God knows..I can't worry or panic just be prepared..Okay I can do that.

Tomorrow I meet with people at school for Jovan..and the plan for him. More mind spinning and the biggest spinning of all!! Where should he go? Kindergaten even though he is seven. He just turned seven right before school started. They suggested he go in Kristina's room..right away my thought was NO. Kristina has enough to concentrate on..and I want her to feel a sense of ownership in school and what she is learning. I asked her...and she said NO it was her teacher, not Jovan's. Okay I agree with her. So does daddy. My sister said that she didn't think he was ready for school, but I feel very comfortable about him going. Dan needs a little more info..so after the meeting I will have more. But, that has been on my mind..a lot!!!

Well, today I have to do laundry..usually my Monday chore, but I was so busy! And we took my grandmother (baba to Jovan) to the podiatrist. And then we went to get a few groceries..then we came home after picking up Kristina. Jovan can now say Kristina in school.

Better get on with my day..


Stephanie said...

Hey Tammy. Sounds like life is full. Okay, about Jovan. Send him to K. I've done this w/ my 7, well except for Yana who was 8.5 when home. All the others though went to K when first home & some of those were indeed 7yo's. Most people are starting their kids when they're 6yo now anyhow. So being a year older doens't make that much difference. Nik is in K again this year due to language & such. He just turned 7yo in October. Doing very well. Getting that basic K education w/ the foundations is crucial for english learners like ours. The only one who typically knows their kids are older are the parents. Just my opinion & as you know, it's worth less than 2 cents nowadays--LOL. So glad your kids are together now. Good luck in whatever you decide. Love reading how things are going.

Karl and Ashley said...

We haven't decided on an apartment yet because we're still not sure if we'll be able to travel this year or not. We've been told that J is trying to do everything she can to get us there ASAP though. I think we'll probably go with the apartments you stayed at... I forget their names - but don't they have a handful? As soon as we get a date - I'll probably bombard you with questions and be asking for suggestions on everything :)