Thursday, November 26, 2009


The kids are in bed..the dishwasher is going, and I am blogging! We had a really good Thanksgiving meal! There are quite a few left-overs, so anyone in the area we will be doing it again tomorrow!! There is plenty of turkey, sauerkraut, green bean bake and PIES!! :)

Jovan had a blast!!! So many people and so much food. He sat next to his favorite auntie and ate really well! He especially liked grandpa's sweet potatoes and biscuits!! We took pictures..I'll post tomorrow. My kids are such a blessing!! We gained one more!!! Just kidding, he's just on loan! Our two and a half year old nephew wanted to come back and stay with Kristina. They had already gone down the road. The kids were happy to have him back!

I have been thinking about what I am thankful for. Oh my goodness!!! What is there NOT to be thankful for? If you think about it, really think about it you can be thankful for many more things then you think. Well, maybe not my lap dogs who I have let take over my chair space!!! I don't have the heart to push them away! Yeah, one got up!!

Anyway, I think about my children. I am thankful God that he was/is control of my life. My wonderful children...the ones I waited for!! Especially our little boy that is all ours!! I waited for him for what seemed like forever!!! Holidays and birthdays came and went..Two and a half years of waiting. So many things happened to me while I waited..growing emotionally and for sure spiritually. Maybe I wasn't so thankful exactly speaking while I was waiting as I really should have been. But, it just hit me. I waited for two and a half years..I met this little boy, fell over my feet in love with him and trusted God for his life. What did I exactly wait for? In my heart that little boy was my son and would be forever and ever!! In my heart I wanted a family for him..I waited for him to have a family, I really begged God for a family for him. And maybe in some ways I thought that I would be his forever mama..but I could not fathom a change in the way that his country did adoptions. I am so thankful that God is a gracious and loving God!! He can move mountains..and so many other things to do HIS will when we ask for it. And oh boy, did I ask and begged for God's will be done!!

I am thankful that I am a child of God! Everything I am is because I am an adopted child of God. Abba Father! I am thankful to be alive no matter what ups and downs come around. My goal in life now is to really concentrate on being thankful in every situation!!

Happy Thanksgiving today and everyday!!!!

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