Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Moments...

Many big moments have happened this week. Sunday my sister and her husband made a surprise visit and met our new son. It was pretty special and a fun afternoon because my other sister and my parents came over as well. Big moment..my sister came up to visit. :)

Monday Jovan had his first day of school!!!! He only went for two hours, but he went!!! I think he did pretty well. And the more he goes, the easier for him to get the routine. Tomorrow is a school day for him..but he will be going to the pediatric orthopedic tomorrow instead. He will NOT be happy..but daddy is going with and Kristina is in school so everything should be good to go. It was a little emotional for me..he has changed so much!! Big moment..Jovan went to school. :)

We made it past one month home! Praise God!! I am so thankful for my blessings!! I am so enjoying being a mom!! It's the best thing I could have received!! Of course that is only after receiving Christ as my savior!! Thanks God!! Big moment..home one month! :)

My daughter made supper last night!! She made tator-tot hotdish. Granted the meat was already cooked..so she mixed up the ingredients and poured it into the pan. Tasted so good!! Made with the sweat of my daughter!! She was so proud and she smiled all through dinner. I am glad that I took the extra time to have her stretch her mind! Big moment..Kristina made supper! :)

Another big moment is my children are playing so I can post this!! :) Better get going..many things to do..my mom just told me thins morning that Thanksgiving is at our house this year. Not a big surprise..all the holidays seem to be here. I love having people over and be able to serve them!! Our door is always open for anyone! Let's just say we have an open door policy..the bathroom door stays closed but Cooper and Jovan sit outside waiting for the person inside. Don't ask me why...

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Zactly said...

Great accomplishments! Hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving.