Monday, November 30, 2009

Our life...

Is this the best or what? I love being a wife, mother, granddaughter, and best of all a child of God!! My husband is a true gift of God!! He has really stepped in and done so much lately for me!! Somewhere in the last few days I picked up some bad germs.. UGH!!! Not complaining, just ready to have them live with someone else? :) Have NO clue as to why I am still sick..

Moving on..I have some pictures of the last few days and Thanksgiving. We cut our Christmas tree down on Saturday night. Jovan did NOT like the hayride out to the trees and did NOT like being in the trees to pick one out. It was not as pleasant as I thought it would our tree may not fit where we usually have it. I know I said we cut it on Saturday night..well after I made dinner when we got home..I just died. Body aches, and just an all over icky feeling and laid down for the rest of the night. Did not go to church on Sunday because I was just not feeling well and didn't want to spread my germs! So the tree didn't come in on Sunday. Today I was so close to doing it myself...figured Dan would have NOT been happy if I did! (Don't think I was up to it anyway) Tonight I had to go help out my sister as her husband had surgery and didn't come out of it as well as he should have. So, not tonight either.. Maybe tomorrow it will come in.

On Sunday it snowed..kinda. Jovan was SO excited!! He wanted to go out right when he got up. I let them go out after breakfast. Well it did not snow enough to cover the dirt..we do not have plush grass..yet, so there is a lot of dirt patches. Ground not frozen=MUD!! Yep, the kids came in covered in mud!! Thankfully my laundry room is straight off the front in went all the muddy snow gear!! Kristina and Jovan had a blast so that is ALL that matters!!
Jovan's first snow..touching and feeling!!
My snow babies!! Aren't they cute!! Notice there is NOT much snow!!

One more thing..Jovan went to school all day today and loved it!! He didn't want to leave. He said "come back" which he had never said before! How awesome is that!! All he wanted to know is when he was going back!! Yeah for school!! Now to rest a little before bed! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving pictures? Culver's pictures? :) Good to see you guys, even if it was too short. Not enough time to do all I wanted to do, for sure! Your kids are even more adorable in person, and Jovan is so happy with his family! What a blessing, and a giggle box he is. And that was the best hug I've had in a long time! ~J