Saturday, September 19, 2009


Right now Kristina is tickling her daddy and she is squealing like a stuck pig! Glad she is having fun! Now, daddy has times! I am taking a little break from getting things done.

We are leaving a week from today. Our flight leaves about 2pm. So we will get a chance to have breakfast and not rush to the airport. We get to go through Germany this time..some place new. On the way back however we have to go through London. :( UGH!!! We had such an icky experience last time.

Haven't decided if we are going to get a back pack or stroller to travel with on the way back. And we are printing out a map for Heathrow airport and studying it well!!!!! Last time we went through there while construction was going on.

Both of our children did/will become American citizens in Chicago. Kinda cool! Our back to the states date is October 17th. So that is going to be one day longer then we were with Kristina. Maybe we will have a little chance to see things that we didn't last time..Lots of pictures will be taken!! We spent so much time with Kristina that we didn't see much. But that' s okay..we brought home a daughter!! :)

Oh my, forgot all about the garbage day..and recycling. Let's see have to check the calender. Things hit me like that out of the blue. Got to check with my mom about how they are going to do meals..guess I don't care.. My mind is now going very fast. But I am determined to keep calm and finish.

Well. my break is over..shhhh don't tell Dan but I am having a little hard time compacting things..but I will keep trying...

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Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Hi Tammy...I am so excited for you that you would think it's my travel date;-). Somehow...I am thinking your return date will be my travel date for the first trip. Unfortunately documents will expire for us by the middle of November. Namely...the medicals!!! Just gotta keep pushing forward. Happy packing and many blessings...Trisha