Tuesday, September 15, 2009


There is so much to post about..and I am slow at doing it. I have been so busy with a ton of stuff, I am just too tired to write it down.

School update will be coming, some pictures maybe too. Let's just say she is fine.

Let's see just waiting on a travel date..patiently waiting..sometimes not! We know that we will get one when God chooses. I have to tell myself a lot some days. Faith!

Packing is well underway..I can almost have everything packed today. Writing down notes is almost done. Can't decide if I wan to do a video for Kristina's treatment. Maybe I should..

Well, today is dentist day for Kristina..she is so HAPPY!! She can't wait!!! Tomorrow is her second day of school. I will try to update later! Stay tunned!

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