Sunday, September 6, 2009


No, we are not traveling yet. There is a family that is going in about two weeks. YEA!!! I am so glad that there is another family being joined together!! They will love the city!! What a huge blessing!!

My excitement was tripping and hitting my head on a bookcase on Friday. Was still having a huge headache, so I went to the ER after church.. My head is intact..just bruised badly in the front..not bones. I am so THANKFUL to God for protecting me!

Kristina's excitement is that she has her Kindergarten open house. She got to see her classroom and drop off her school supplies. Wow, what a room! I will try and volunteer lots until Jovan comes home!!

Dan's excitement is that he had a birthday last Thursday. Nothing much happened except a surprise cake and we went out to dinner with my mom and dad.

Our excitement is knowing that hopefully soon we will get a travel date. I have EVERYTHING ready to throw in the suitcase and run. My mom and sister have had a dry run at watching her for the day. They both watch her..but not for as long as they have had her this weekend. She has done really well, but Auntie just called and had some questions on time outs. Oops..

Well, better go..can get a few things dome before I go pick up Kristina and our pizza. Sunday night is pizza night. Yum..

So here we are thankful for our excitement and God's love!!!

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