Monday, August 24, 2009

Serious Questions...

Already this week I have been asked tough questions. The first one was asked by my mother..what do I want to do if my grandmother passes away while we are gone. Um..hadn't thought about it. That has been bouncing in my head. My thought was to wait until we got back..I think. Kristina has already been to one funeral..and I think she understood about death. Now, my grandmother is a totally different story. Kristina sees her everyday all day long..when Kristina doesn't see her, she asks where is she. That impact might be harder to understand.

The second one came from my husband..what if something happens to us, then what? Too much for me! We have talked about it off and on since she became ours and we have never put anything in writing. Shame on us..but we will be doing that, and soon! Okay, can't go down that road right now.

Today is one year and one week since committing to adopt our son. Time sure flies.. How come it seems like not a whole lot of time..then when I think about all the times I had trouble waiting..let alone patiently..UGH!! Didn't really learn my lesson about it truly being in God's time. And sometimes it is very hard to wait patiently..but DUH, I don't and can't see the big picture. I probably would be too freaked to look.

Well, better be off bacause very soon it will be one year, one week, and one day. Oh, we may hear something as early as next week about our travel date. Oh, my! :) YIPEEEE


Zactly said...

I so hope you hear soon.

Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Praying for the date soon for you!!! Many blessings...Trisha