Thursday, August 20, 2009

Multi..Multi..oh yeah..Task...

I think I am doing some circles now. So many things..packing is pretty well under control. Thinking of leaving my dear daughter is another story. I have read many many blogs about families who have left kids behind. (And all have survived!!)

So, what makes me have issues? Hum..she's mine and she's still new! She has really blossomed lately! Becoming a little more independent, a lot more verbal..and a lot more personality! :) Her new word this week is delicious.. Everything she eats is delicious! So cute!

This next week or so is going to be very busy..the State Fair is coming right around the corner, there is the best craft fair every year in Little Falls. (about an hour and a smidge away) Good practice for walking..which I have already started. :) Wanting to take a trip to the MOA (Mall of America) for more walking and for going to the Minnesota store.

It has been raining for the last two days..take about a sleeping pill! :) Weeds are green, and the pool is at it's brim..all is well! SO looking forward to a little dry..but I am SO thankful for the rain!!!!

See, I am just blah, blah, blah..don't tell..I feel like laying down on the couch..and not moving. But I can't..dishes to do, and Kristina's vest treatment needs to be changed...

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There and Back Again ( not a Hobbit's tale) said...

I have now been 22 days without my four kiddos at home and it is VERY hard. Harder than I ever imagined. It has helped to Skype with them and see how safe and healthy they are. And they are doing great and can't wait to meet their new sister Mira!!! Only two more weeks to go!!!!!