Friday, October 29, 2010


Yep, I have two going on three. Thank you God! Well, kids sometimes need a little more encouragement on some days. Yesterday was an example for my daughter..let us just say that it was not a very spectacular day. It was a day for frustration, and a day that was a reminder of how to listen much better!

So what do you do on those days? For me it was quite a combination of emotions. Because she
did not listen very well there was a chain reaction. Later after she was told the consequences of her actions (that is being disciplined) ...we had a great evening!
We needed to use this card to find out what happened. Kristina knows these cards and she sometimes has a hard time expressing herself, so this took pressure away and she was able to tell me what happened. Sometimes seeing a picture is easier then words. As in this case with my daughter.
How sweet is this? Kristina loves cats! The cat girl! :) So this was a sweet way to remind her that even though she had a rough day and she needed to be disciplined I still love her! Very very much! More then mommy can stretch her arms wide!

My children love to look at pictures!! Of anything..even of those icky bug pictures! :) So these cards are great for my children to see and understand. I am showing these cards and giving real life examples of how we use cards in this family with our kids.

These cards can be found here. Not only are they great for kids, there are many other kinds as well. Love them! While we are still raising money for our adoption this company is donating to our adoption fund. You could find many reasons for these cards and also help us at the same time. Check it out! When you buy cards it would be really awesome to know how you used them..maybe someone else could get ideas! Just leave a comment on my blog!

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