Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yes, that really means emergency room. Tonight, we ran to the grocery store and they have like a minute clinic..I just went to check her...the gal looked at Kristina without registering her to see how she was. The gal told me that if K was her daughter she would take her to the ER.

So, we hour away to the Children's hospital..she was basically fine. The doc told me to call her CF doc in the morning to just double check. He gave me two I have to check on those. I wish we had a oxygen tester...that would help me a lot.

God is good!!!!!!! Love Him to pieces, He just rocks and I will continue to rest in Him!! Good night! (toooo much caffeine!!!!) I hope that I can go to sleep! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is feeling better, especially Kristina. Tis the season, unfortunately. Take care and praying for you!
Love, Jamey