Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hot Dish...

My poor daughter!! We were eating supper the other night..she knows what "hot" means, and she knows what "dish" means...so imagine the look on her face when I asked her to eat her hot dish. I usually name the food, instead of saying things like that. But, it was a slip. We explained what it was...it really was funny.

I think that the English language has to be harder then any other one? Maybe? But, she is learning and talking...some words that she has had trouble with in the past, are coming out of her mouth like nothing was ever an issue. :) It's so fun.

Better go, laundry is calling. Dinner is made and I need to make some banana bread.


Anonymous said...

You sure are sounding all domestic like now that you're at home...:) I just made banana bread the other day - the kids love it. The kids had an appointment yesterday. Logan is 41 and some inches and 54 pounds, Molly is 37 inches and 39 pounds. He's just like a rock, she's stretching out and getting tall. Have a good day! My supper is in the crockpot - I LOVE having it all taken care of. ~J

Anonymous said...

Laundry on Tuesday? :)