Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, we have snow on the ground now! Now mind you we can still see some grass..but hey, it stuck to the ground! My darling little daughter immediately wanted to go outside the minute it was snowing. I went to the doctor again because I was NOT getting any better. Still bronchitis and now a sinus infection! ICKY! At least I know it's not in my head! :) I am sick not crazy! :)

In order to save money we try to not have me go I don't drive to often. Actually, glad about that! :) It was snowing and sleeting on the way home. I did not panic, I drove very slow...and thankfully so were a lot of other people! We made it home! Thank you God!

Kristina getting snowed on yesterday! She was outside for about a half an hour!! She went swinging and had a blast!! First thing this morning, "Can I go outside mommy". Maybe we should start building her an igloo! :) We tried to put on her play boots that she just fit into about a month ago..didn't fit! So she went out with her good boots...what a sacrifice! :)

We tried to rearrange our living decide if we wanted to change the Christmas tree placement this year. Didn't work. She has asked for that already too! That is the day after Thanksgiving. Daddy always has the day after off!! So we decided we like the idea of having it done that day, instead of "shopping"! :) Down the road...eight miles is a tree farm! We cut it ourselves! They have a little store and beautiful trees! It was a blast!!

I have an idea for homemade Christmas presents..think I will try it out!! :) Actually two ideas..can't wait! Better get on that..

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