Thursday, November 6, 2008


Nothing special to report...Kristina still under the weather. Bummer, along with that is not a really huge appetite. So, I have been letting her eat anything...with her CF fat is a good thing. There is no such thing as a "xtra" large person with CF. I am glad for that!
It rained this morning...and Cooper does NOT like to get wet!! Well, too bad! I literally had to drag him outside. He fine at least I won in the getting him wet department!! :) He is prone to UTI's and it is painful for him and expensive for us. Later, it was just drippy and I hauled them out again. It took just a trot across the lawn and they both did their business!! I was thrilled to death and gave them a treat to show my appreciation!!

Worked with Kristina on more school work. Colors don't stick in her head. She is going to the eye doctor for a check-up and I asked if they could screen her. No problem! Yea!

No nap today...coloring with fresh crayons much more exciting. Did an extra neb also! Now watching the PBS station. Yippee Sesame Street!! What ever happened to the Electric Company? Romper Room? Captain Kangaroo? Surely if those old programs were good enough for us...then where are they now? I don't even know if those shows were in other states or not? Just dating myself... hee hee

Can't wait for snow that is supposed to come inch only. Kristina has been asking for snow since it's gotten colder. Oops a chair accident. She was rocking too hard and fell backwards. My heart is now back in my chest.. We slide down our septic mound hill. Yeah, fun times! Actually that is about the hill that mommy and daddy could stand.Kristina was helping to shovel snow...she had a fit because I went out without her. Who knew she loves to shovel, and she does a great job!

Her cousin had the first run...then Kristina went for her first slide down the septic hill. :) She came in soaking wet..I had to go retrieve her before she froze to death.

Supper prep is calling me...don't have a clue? Wonder what Kristina wants to eat? She says "oatman". Not happening...maybe maybe it will be oatman...tonight will be instant microwave instead of on the stove...fridge alert..she's in the fridge..just wanted yogurt. Well mommy is making chicken tenders/tator tots/salad! She'll eat pretty sure anyway. Daddy is home..

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