Sunday, November 2, 2008

Out of the mouths of little girls...

Tonight we were sitting at the table eating our Sunday night pizza and of course I had John on the brain. It took me two times to get the number of forks right. Not being obsessive by any means..just a passing thought here and there. Kinda like is it going to rain tomorrow? Or not?

Anyway, in my own, my very own head I thought..wonder if he would like pizza...and not two minutes later out of the mouth of my own gift from God comes the words..."God, John come" then "John come" Made me cry...looking in my daughter's eyes and seeing her love for me was indescribable!!! She has NO clue that he is on my mind from time to time... We have a little video clip of him that she likes to watch every now and then.

I just thought I would share that...makes me miss him and my own daughter who is sitting behind me doing another neb treatment. I love her very much...wouldn't change the waiting time for all the money in the world!! Kinda like natural forget the pain they say. Can't imagine my life without her. What in the world did we do before she was "born"? Lots...but not quite so meaningful!

She is almost done and Calvin wants I'd better go...

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