Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where did they go?....

Perogies, that is. Today Kristina dug in the freezer...never has done that before and was looking for lunch. She pulled out perogies. A little while later while I was putting stuff away out of the kitchen, she comes to me with another bag. Now mind you, she has never gone in the freezer...and the second round was about twenty minutes after she finished eating the first time.

She said "please more", how can I say no to that? :) And I made more. All together she ate sixteen!! They were homemade, so they are not that big. But my goodness!! Sometimes its like she gets a bee in her bonnet and just chows like some football player! Now, when she wakes up in the morning...she will have grown 10 inches with all that food!! :)

This was a few weeks ago. She had a blast!! Those are just a tad bigger then the ones she ate today. Next week we start making them for Christmas Eve dinner. Our family does a traditional Ukrainian Christmas meal. Has been that way for all of my years of living!! We make some with potato and some with sauerkraut!! YUMMMY!!! Guess which ones are my favorite? Yep, the sauerkraut ones!!!

It's treatment time and she wants to watch her favorite movie (at least this week). The Lion King...she roars and has a blast!

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