Thursday, November 13, 2008


November is National Adoption Month. I was thinking about all the orphans awaiting adoption...and it occurred to me that there are all kinds of adoptions. "Healthy", Special Needs, Open, ..sure there are more. And for the people adopting..there are all kinds of parents! For some adoptions I do not believe I could do with out God's help!! So I am thankful that there are people that follow there heart/God and adopt!

Still sometimes I can't believe that I am a mom! And I had to cross the ocean to get her! I think if we had the funds coming out of our pockets...we would love to adopt more kids. After John of course. Just thought, if it is God's will..and it is His plan we really could! Wow...I have always wanted four kids. Both hubby and I grew up in a four kid household. And I like the number six..but seven is my favorite number. ? :) It's a good thing I am not driving the bus!

Search your hearts...maybe you are sitting on the fence or never even thought about adopting..just look, just maybe there is a child for you! There are many adoption agencies and websites that can help you. And pray, best of all pray! :)

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