Monday, November 17, 2008

Attitude effects the Gratitude...

How's that for a saying? A great friend of mine told me that this morning. Her niece learned that saying in Sunday school yesterday. That is like the theme of Thanksgiving...being thankful and grateful! Just think about all of the things you are grateful that better or the same as being thankful?

Today is Monday...even though I am thankful get to stay home, Monday's are hard for me. Or at least sometimes. Maybe because Dan goes back to work..we have to switch gears..he is so helpful!! Which I am grateful for! Kristina can't get enough when he is home! She is glued to him..and he does her CF treatments, because she doesn't want me to help when Papa is home! :)

Did you notice that in my last paragraph I used the words thankful and grateful? :) I love that saying...maybe I will make a wood board with that saying and hang it somewhere in my house!
Calvin is whining and begging for a treat!! He is SO spoiled!! But love him to pieces!! He gave up on me!

I am grateful and thankful for my family!

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