Friday, February 27, 2009


Can I just say, that I hope and pray that God blesses me with more children. Right now in my house I have three children ranging in age from thirteen to nineteen months. And my two days shy of ninety year old grandmother is here as well. It has been work..but so much fun. To see them play and also get along..oh sometimes not so well. :)

This morning I went out to snow plow the driveway. Not as nice as hubby..but pretty close. :) I can now go out and around town this afternoon. Kinda cold for the kids outside right now..maybe later this afternoon after naps.

We got almost six inches of snow last night..and the cold came as well. But such bright sunshine. It reminded me of the flood in the Bible where it rained and then God stopped the rain. I can only imagine how bright and beautiful the sunshine was then. :) Made me smile and thank God for what I have.

This weekend I am going to try and walls are white and I do not like them. I go to Home Depot and buy "oops" paint for five dollars. When the color is wrong for someone else..but I get them..and use them. What a savings for me. This is the scary corner for's over our staircase going up and down. Hubby does not like to paint..and I love it! I sit..

Well, better daughter is done with her treatment (a little late..) so, now we can move on with our day. :)

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I also love to paint and i buy my pant at Home Depot~ oops paint and mix and make my own colors. How awesome is that..
Have a great day!!!