Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just a note...

In blue, means Jovan is on my mind! A lot lately.. When I was praying the other morning, I just had a peace.. It was wonderful, I need not worry about anything! Now, for a while I have not worried at all..but just would like it all done.. That would be the patience that is hard to have sometimes. On beautiful sunny days like we are having right now, I just want to hop a plane and go and get him! Up, Up and away! :)

Today I asked Kristina about the pictures I have hanging in the hallway. (one is daddy and mommy together, one is her, and the other is Jovan) I pointed to her..she said her name and I aksed her who she was.. "your daughter". I asked her who Jovan was.."your kid" Now, how cute is that! :) She makes me smile!

She knows that God is in control.. Which is awesome that she understands that! God is good! All the time!!! :) We have not heard anything..all in God's timing! What a ride! :)

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