Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's all about LOVE! That is one of my most favorite words! Hubby and I don't really do anything fact can't remember the last time we went out. He just said "who needs to spend money to have a good time". I love that man! We are planning trips for camping and outings this summer..that is fun for us. Being a family that's what we love!

This Valentine's Day we are missing part of our family!! I shouldn't say missing, because I know where he is..just not with us! We love him and miss him very much! I say that a lot, because he can't hear me say it in his ear..when I held him I told him God loved him! Soon, I get to say his mommy loves him! (of course daddy too)

Love to me means accepting someone into your life without matter what. When I tell a person that I love is never just words to say, I mean it! This year I can not tell my g-uncle that I love him..he missed his birthday and now Valentine's Day. Those are the mushy days for me. I won't be able to say that to him..and I miss him very much.

This year my hubby surprised me with a card and a gift. I have told him NOT to buy flowers! When we first got married I managed a flower shop..had enough of the holidays with flowers, probably for the rest of my life! :) I buy him some from time to time..he loves daisies! Just remembered, his daughter got him a balloon with a daisy on it. (I am sure the balloon was for her as well) Oops..but it is still Valentine's Day. :)

Tonight we are having steaks and our favorite ice cream (frozen custard)(sorry James) from Culver's. Lemon meringue..yum That is of course, after our little girl goes to bed. Then we are going to watch one of his favorite movies...which has a little romance... It's a Hallmark movie.. Fun times!

Calvin is crying and digging at my leg..he is wanting some of my valentine love! :) He is my four legged boy..oh here comes the other one..

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