Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ode to my best friend...

Valentine's Day is coming right around the I thought I would post about my best friend. She means the world to me and right now she is several states away. Which in my opinion is too far away!

We met the first day of college a long time ago! :) Right away we did not care for each other. It was weird! Then somehow we became really good friends after that..took time. :) She may know a wee bit more on the details..It doesn't matter, we are friends now. :)

She is a "cheese-head"..said with much love! (for those who don't know, that is Wisconsin) Her heart is kind and her words are loving. I looked up to her as she was always so calm and collected and always seemed to know just what to do. I was very shy and just tried to go with the flow.

When it came to the guys I liked...well let's just say she wasn't nuts for them! :) Remember Dave I? :) That was her favorite! :) (not in the least!) I do believe she liked my husband he is the best!

She is a hard worker at what ever she does..when she was in school she was always working..seemed like ALL the time. Then after college she worked hard as well.. She worked and I got married..even though our lives changed a bit, we were always together. There was a restaurant that we would go to, actually two that we always had fun. Going to the mall by school..

We always talked about the day when we both would have children and they would be friends and so on. Well, that never really happened. When she met her husband..actually her first date, she took my husband and I along. He was a blind date that she had been emailing before she met him. We had a great time..and then they got married and moved up north to a farm. Hubby and I would drive up and visit. No wait, the wallpaper! The house that they bought had a TON of wallpaper on the walls. For days we peeled wallpaper till our fingertips were raw!! But of course laughing and having a great time.

One day we were visiting and went out to this really cool place for lunch..she said she just wasn't feeling right. I didn't get the clue. DUH She couldn't tell me, so she waited until I got home to tell me she was pregnant. Wish she would have told me then cuz I would have done the happy dance and hugged her to death! One of us was finally going to have children. At that time hubby and I were off and on about adopting. When she went into labor, I couldn't get up to her fast enough!! The men went off to do the I was trying to hold down the fort. She got sick several times..and I stood right by her! I am NOT very good in that department. My husband cleans out any "sick" buckets. He never gets I am lucky! Anyway, she probably doesn't know how I really wished that I could have done more for her to feel better. It took forever for her son to make his entrance in the world.

She was busy with a new baby..he was a peanut! Motherhood came to her..we figured because she was so old! :) Calm.. Several months later she called to tell me she was expecting again. That was not in the plan.. At that time something happened to me, and to this day I can't even explain it. I drifted away from her..searched my heart over and over. Maybe it was the fact she was a mom..and I was I wouldn't be any help to her. Not realizing until a LONG time later that she could have just had me by her side.

I missed so many moments of her life..never to get them back! She means the world to me! Right now she is sick and needs help and I am too far away to help. Breaks my heart! She is the type of friend never to forget a birthday, anniversary... Can't change anything right now..unless her hubby sees it's "greener" back in Minnesota! Literally! I miss her so...

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Anonymous said...

You're making me cry and the kids are wondering what's wrong. :) You don't know how much I wish we were closer to you. It is greener in Minnesota, of course, because that's where my friends are. Miss you!
Love, J