Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dog Problem...

Yes, we have a dog problem..not our dogs but a wandering pain in our side dog. He lives down the street and wanders in our yard. Needless to say, Calvin and Cooper go nuts! I have YELLED at the dog to go home.. many, many times!!! So, today I called our local sheriff's office and asked what can I do..I asked about a b-b gun. She said to do what it takes to keep our property and our family safe. Well, I told her about our family and two dogs..

Now, I don't want people to think that I am cruel to animals when I say I want to buy a b-b gun. I am afraid of what can happen..and if my dogs did that (go in other people's yards) then it would be a hard and painful lesson for our dogs. I would like any help regarding this if anyone has advice for me! Please!

We don't have to worry about tomorrow as we are expected to have 6-8 inches of snow. So, they are bound not to come out. And that means that my wonderful husband will be spending the night at work. :( But, also that means our little girl will be excited to go play out in the snow! Can't wait to see her when it starts to snow! :)

UPDATE... I found the owner of the dog/s and she said that their kennel had been re-done and they know how to break out..she just needs to fix it. I am glad because I really didn't want to do anything but yell at them!

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