Sunday, March 7, 2010


Right from the start I (we) have talked to our kids about God and his son Jesus. Kristina seemed to really understand it from the beginning! It came from day about 8 months after she came home we were talking about Jesus. Not knowing what she comprehended..from our talks and the wee bit in Sunday school. Anyway, she told me that "Jesus was at home". That took me a back and I asked her where Jesus was at home, and she said "heart". (At that time she really did not speak many words..although Jesus was one of the first besides mama and papa)

We have talked about Jesus since Jovan has come home too..but he doesn't seem to understand. But he is getting it. The other day we were driving somewhere and talking about Jesus. And Jovan said he wanted to go to Jesus...and Kristina said she wanted to go too. Jovan immediately said "NO stina!!" "You stay home!!" Made me smile!! But I also hoped that God would have them be with me a lot longer before calling them home.

Tonight at our pizza supper, we were talking about Easter. I told my grandmother that I needed to make the babka (Ukrainian Easter bread) as she had made her share. I said I would use my recipe! Hers is OLD and in Ukrainian..made for 50+ years!! I also am going to try my hand at Easter bread from our children's country as well!!

Back to Easter, I asked Kristina if she remembered what Easter is..she said Jesus' birthday. I said that is Christmas..and proceeded to explain Easter. We did not get into the whole time after Christ rose from the grave to when he ascended into heaven. I told her that is when Christ died and got to go to see God in heaven. Wasn't sure if she remembered what dying was and reminded her about my great-uncle last winter. I started to tear up...she did not see. She said she would miss me, and got up and came over to hug me. I told her that it was okay, she might not see me for a little while but forever in heaven. My thought when we were talking was please God let her grow and live a long life! Since she has been under the weather and coughing (another post) I have prayed for God to heal her!! She is MUCH better..but still is not 100%.

Before the kids went to bed..Kristina was doing her CF treatment, and Jovan came to me and said he wanted to talk on the phone. When Jovan is understandable for the most part..sometimes you just have to listen close.m I asked him who he wanted to call..he said he wanted to call Jesus. I told him that we pray to Jesus, we can't reach him by phone! :)

Today as I was pulling out Jovan's clothes for church..I prayed for our newest little boy to come home and I want him to know Jesus!! Oh God, I want him to know you!! My children are asleep and now I must go as well!

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