Friday, March 26, 2010

Days gone by...

It has been a little while since a post. Well, from Saturday evening..I started to not feel well. I thought I would feel better in the morning. Not! We did not make it to church, that was a bummer!! Didn't feel good all day. Monday I got the kids ready and off to school, and then I really got sick. Very flu like symptoms! (we will just leave it at that) This went on day and mother telling me I really needed to see a doctor. I kept saying no, I will feel better soon. Meanwhile in the back of my head I was NOT sure. Literally praying for God to help me. I prayed a lot!! And also praising God that I had/have an awesome and very helpful family who help out a lot!! Having them live so close is an awesome thing!! :)

So Wednesday I had Dan come home from work after I had to have help with the kids. Thanks mom and Tanya!!! My mother really insisting I go husband joined with her. Mid-morning I went to the emergency room. I thought must have been slow as the doctor came in like right when I was done changing in a gown. After that the whole day flew by!! (we were there for close to seven hours) X-ray, CT..and then I got a diagnosis. And we left with two antibiotics, a narcotic pain killer, and a strict diet to follow. Here I am now with two days of antibiotics in me..I am much better. Like night and day!!! My prayers and others were answered!! I was MUCH better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the kids ready and took them to school. Came home and cleaned up a little bit in the house...rested. I even made supper, then I crashed. Kinda..I spent time with my bouncy home from school kids!! :)

I have another post I am working far as our adoption. Hopefully I can get it posted in the next day or so. We are a week behind in Easter prep. Don't think my hubby can make Ukrainian Easter bread!! :) His relatives are all from Norway! :) I'll let you know on that one! :)

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Zactly said...

Glad you are starting to feel better Tammy. Will look forward to the adoption post. Take care.