Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too tired to post...(part 2...)

I really have not forgotten to post about the other day! I will just mention a few of them. children were racing up and down the hallway laughing and giggling so hard!! The sound that is the best in the world for this mom to hear!! They have been home for FIVE days!! I hate every other day Kindergarten! It does not do my kids any good to be off for so long, they both love to learn and need to learn!! But mommy school helps out. :) One day the kids were playing together like peanut butter and jelly...then later that SAME day, they were at each other's throat!! To cool off they had to play in their own rooms.. (Here's a funny story. After Kristina's treatments she is learning to ask "Am I done?" And we let her know if she is or isn't.)

The room time out was just beginning and Jovan says "mommy am I done?" Like that was his ticket to leave his room. :) Maybe it was just funny to me. Some of the things he puts together are so cute. Anyway..just cute for me I guess.

So, they have been home for FIVE days, and today they are at school. Sad part is that I MISS THEM!!! I can go get them in two and a half hours! :)

Gotta go hubby is sick!

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