Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Going on...

Wow, we have been so busy this summer I can't believe we are in the middle of July!!  I realized that I never acknowledged Srecko's gotcha day!  He has been home one year, one month and one day!!  This year was crazy because we had Gotcha Day/Father's Day, and my birthday all falling on the same day.  Crazy!

The day was a little laid back even with all going on, we grilled hamburgers and had a really nice day.  A few days after that we went to a state park near us and the kids swam in the lake.  They were thrilled!  We had a picnic with grandma and grandpa too!  The day could not have been more beautiful!

This summer has been filled with outings, therapies for the kids, playing outside and swimming!!  All the kids can hold their breath and swim under water!  BIG BIG accomplishment for them!!  And they run through the sprinkler...and they never did that before!  Maybe it has to do with the drought we are having...and the HEAT wave!  Whatever it is, I am glad they are all learning together!!

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