Friday, September 7, 2012

Sweet Sound...

Today Jovan and I were going to see his physical therapist to make adjustments and order him a walker.  It takes about one hour and twenty minutes to get there.  We were listening to KTIS a Christian radio station. Anyway, our kids have a "song".  Music calms the soul...and this particular song just fit what we were going through trying to adopt Jovan.  The song is called Mighty to Save by Laura Story.  Love it!

I called the radio station just to tell them thanks for playing that song...and told them a little tiny bit of Jovan's adoption story and they said thanks for calling and making their morning.

A few songs later...on comes the DJ and played back what I said to him and then the DJ said "Jovan if you are listening you have a very special mother"  And Jovan said to the radio..."I know".  Then Jovan said..."mom, you were on the radio"...and he said "I heard me too".  In the background of what I was telling the DJ you could hear Jovan say mommy.  So cute!

I am very thankful that I have Jovan as my miracle that God gave me through His grace.  God loved both Jovan and myself so much that he matched us together forever!!   Praise God!  Just had to share that sweet moment from this morning!

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