Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Long time since last post...

My goodness so much time has gone by. To be honest..one reason is that I think who wants to read about our life..there are so many more blogs that are awe inspiring and are also exciting to read about how God moves mountains and gives strength and sustainable peace!! I guess it is happening in ours lives as well...worth sharing, you decide?

God is doing amazing things with our family...more on a personal level with us. My dependence on God for the remaining funds is getting stronger...trusting and letting go is getting easier and more peaceful. Thank you God!! God has moved HUGE mountains in my children's lives!! All three of them!! Wow, thank you God for that reminder!

Kristina was not yet available for adoption when we committed to her..there was paper that needed to be signed and the person was unavailable to be found, but God knew where they were and exactly the time to bring them to sign the paper! Kristina was one sick little girl when we came home with her. But thanks to God and the doctor's her Cystic Fibrosis is under control!!

Jovan's mountain was also being clear for international adoption and also if we would be allowed to return for a second time..not been done before, so oh my was God in that decision!!! He did it, we just relied on him and had faith that he would come home to us. When I met Jovan and fell in love with him, I cried and prayed over him and begged God for a forever family for him!!!! And God picked us...

Our waiting son's mountain is was also being able to return for a third time...oh yes, God answered our prayers!! The country said yes...on Christmas day!! :) Another mountain is raising (or finish raising) the funds to go. To me that is a HUGE mountain, but my God is bigger than paper money!! His timing, his way!!

Let's see...those are my miracles given to me by God!!! That is big and they are great ways to tell people about the power of God. God reigns! Guess I did have something to post about!! My God's grace is enough! He loves me and my family...my children, how blessed am I!!!

Jovan was blessed with his wheelchair...so excited! He got is a few weeks ago, and maneuvers it like a pro!! Freedom to get places and to be with his sister as she rides her bike..priceless!! They both are enjoying the pool!! Jovan was FREAKED out by it...but mommy got a floating elephant that has leg holes so he is now much more comfortable and loves the water now!! Kristina has learned to float and kick her feet...also HUGE as she would just cling to the side...now she is ALL over the pool! :) Fun!!

Mommy started to buy school supplies...oh, the smell of new crayons!! :) I bought back packs marked down last year!! $24.99 down to $4.00! Yep, bought one in pink and one in blue! Wish I would have known God's plans and would have gotten another blue one! :) God knows... :)

Mommy is getting rid of many things that are not needed for a simple life...extra everything and toys that the kids have outgrown...not to mention my daughter's clothes...she is growing TOO fast!!! Jovan has grown one inch!! And has gone up TWO shoe sizes!!!

So that is about it...planning to go camping, and a couple of car trips before summer's end. Daily life..and praising and being thankful for God and who he is...NOT for what he does!! No matter what!


Zactly said...

Always look forward to your updates. Thanks for sharing.


Hello: Tammy,

Love to keep following you along on your path of life.We can't wait to see you bring your next son home!!! We kinda like that little guy!!!

Stephanie said...

Hey we read your blog! Thanks for the updates Tammy. Truly amazing how far everyone has come. Just out of curiosity, are you watching America's Got Talent w/ the two singers w/Cystic Fibrosis? they are inspiring to say the least. Keep us updated.