Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NO WAY!!!...

How can it be so long since I last posted? Where has all the time gone? Oh my! Okay, there is NO way that I am going to catch you all up on the going ons...you know that right? :) I can't even remember.. Trying... Kids finished summer school, played in pool, had a neighbor girl come over and play, went on a road trip with grandma and grandpa. Mommy does school work with them...they love it! Kristina is reading words... Yay!!

I have been praying, re-arranging, decorating, and now is ready to sell things to add to our funds for our adoption. I am so excited. Working with our missions at church to bring awareness to orphans, and will be doing a dinner/lunch to raise funds. Then hopefully this month we will sell everything that we want to, and then some! :) So maybe raising many $$$ for our son!

Learning and trusting God for everything...boy that is HUGE!!! Tears have come with a vengeance! But God knows me...and as others have said...emotional! :) God is good to me, always blessing me when I need it!

Just last week I got sick with some bug that is going around. My sister had it...it landed me in the Emergency Room via ambulance. UGH!!! After about five hours in the hospital..many iv's, drugs, and a CT scan..I went home. My mom came over about 11:30pm to be with the kids...and Dan was with me. I am so thankful for my family!! The kids never even knew...good thing as they watched me many times throw up! ICK!! But what is a mommy to do, trying to care for her kids while she was sick? I made it almost all day by myself..pretty proud of that! :)

Trying to think...oh, we get to visit with my best friend next week!!! She is coming from out of state! Can't wait!! :) She and I have been friends for twenty-five years this year!! :) Met the first day of college!! I went with her and another new friend to (guess where? my favorite store!) Target! She and I did NOT hit it off at all...now look, twenty-five years later and I love her to death!!! :)

I will try to keep up...and of course with adoption news as I get it...maybe I will post a new picture of our son to be...hum, guess you have to stay tuned! :)

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Anonymous said...

Okay now - stay well and don't be sick next week! I'm coming to visit!!!!! :)
Love ya!