Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have tried to post two other times..wonder if this is going to work? I will try to repost the others later.

We are just enjoying life here...this mama is spending time with her kids as the will be in school all day EVERY day. (insert lots of tears!!!!) Someone asked me what I would be doing. Well I will try to speed up fundraising... People have been donating... that's another post in itself! And painting!! I am tired of white walls!! I have had the paint since before Jovan came home, hope it is okay! And I can decorate for fall and sort through my Christmas. I have gifts for the kids already..this mommy used to shop for things all the time..when they were price reduced. Haven't done that as we are not spending money for anything to save money. :)

Maybe I will be able to go to a woman's Bible study? That would be awesome!! I would LOVE that!! Or, just find one I can do by myself.

Planning and writing notes for when we travel as we have two kids at home. We already have everything ready for #2 son coming home. Even his coming to America outfit! :) Now don't forget..all of these are technically hand me ups as I thought these things would fit Jovan. So then they get to be hand me downs! So much use for some clothes that have yet to see a body. :)

Just realized that I am goes our life! :) Gotta go, many things to do and kids to love!

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