Friday, August 27, 2010

My son...

My son is a sweet, funny and determined little boy! He is six years old and has Cerebral Palsy. That diagnosis does not define who he is though! The desire for him to have a family is strong as he has asked many times for a family. We have seen him both times we picked up Kristina and Jovan. He played, ran across the playground, rode the ride on toys. He is funny and so sweet. His face shines so bright! And has a sweet laugh. He is someone that I would be honored and blessed to call my son!

We are trying very hard to raise money to bring him home quickly. He has waited a long time for a mommy and daddy. I hope one day that he will understand about God's timing and how perfect it really is.

For us it is to save every little bit of money we can...even our children have offered their piggy banks to go get our newest family member. They know he has to go on an airplane before he comes home. The toy department now has become a place where we do not go, as this mommy has explained the difference between wanting and needing. (A lesson we all are learning!) Don't get upset, my kids have PLENTY of toys! They lack for nothing! :) Even school clothes are done for the
boys..not a penny spent. Kristina needs shirts...nothing big. Everything else is done. I am pretty excited about that!

We have a couple of fundraisers going on. My friend sells Arbonne. It is an awesome cosmetic and makeup company. Natural ingredients and just wonderful. I use MANY of the products. Skin care line is so great, I could tell a difference in ONE day!! The make up just feels like your normal skin but in color! :) She is donating between 40-50% of HER profits to us. The products last a long really averages out to be about the same as what you would pay at lets say Target or Walmart. Check out the website.. If you are interested leave a comment with your contact info and I will get you in touch with my friend.

There is a company that sells the cutest little cards that can be used for any occasion. I have used several...just slip a card anywhere. In your child's lunch box, in a briefcase, on a keyboard. I personally have used them to stick one in my husband's shoe and also his shaving kit. He was so surprised, and it really made his day. Kristina has a couple as well. I had one that Jovan gave my husband. I have a few that the kids can use...this one was for a dad. Jovan can't read, but he knows the word dad. He came in to the living room and handed my hubby the card. Brought me to tears, and hubby was taken aback and loved it! The great thing about these cards is that you can give it anonymously to anyone! There is even cards with Bible verses on them. Check out

Won't you please take a look and remember they are awesome products, so not only do you get also help bring a little boy home to his family! We have a button on the side that you can donate directly and get a receipt for you donation. As little as two dollars would be great. Two dollars is a one way taxi ride... Every little bit adds up. My children are excited to bring home their brother. They know we are all working hard to bring him home.

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